Frozen Lake

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With the last couple days of sub-freezing temperatures, the lakes have frozen over! The geese don't seem to mind, they still walk (or slide) over it. But please, stay off the ice!

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  1. Speaking of geese… I think it’s about time LVL begin looking for a solution to their over-population of the resort. A leisurly walk from the condos to the lodge or rec center is wrought with danger of stepping in goose droppings! The beach is getting to the point that it’s no longer pleasant to use. At some point, it’s just plain unsanitary.

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      Yes, they do pose a bit of a nuisance! We work in conjunction with the MO Dept of Conservation and have a plan that we follow and report back to them. There are certain guidelines we have to follow to stay in the legal with them, but there are times when they have to come out and assist.

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