Rock for the ditches

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We have started rocking ditches at the guard house – both sides – reservations entrance – then we will move on to admin entrance and the S curve.

Richard is getting in on the action too! He brought out his bobcat and did some ditch work for us. Thanks, Richard!

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  1. There are some sites in the 600-700 area that need more rock in the area where hookups are made. It is extremely muddy at times when hooking up camper utilities. Thanls the

  2. Sites in the 600/700 need rock and packed down. RV are leaving ruts and sinking in as parking their units on sites. Should have a scheduled check on this, at least monthly. RV sites are in high usage and some neglected. RV units are constantly being removed and brought on site, This could be a good time for inspections noted and for actions to be taken care of sites on a daily/weekly basis as required.

  3. Will the 500 area road be rocked or at least evened out? Great sites BUT whiplashed from all the ruts and bumps.

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