Open 24 Hours

For an EMERGENCY while on the Resort -
Call 573-764-3605 or 1-800-865-2100 or
From a resort phone, dial 3281 or
From an emergency phone, dial 281

Emergency Telephones - are located at the following places at Lost Valley:

Condo Building 1 (by the driveway/intersection)
Condo Building 6 (Parking area along the woods)
Large Pavilion @ Condo Beach
Lodge - Grotto Room
Fort Wilderness - Laundry Room
Aquatics Center

These phones only dial the guardhouse extension, so If you need "911" service, dial 281 & the guard will place the "911" call. They will then direct emergency personnel to your location.

Emergency Messages - Security will deliver emergency messages to your unit.

Reporting Peace Disturbances - Any problems, complaints, or inquiries should be directed to the Guard House immediately.

First Aid Station - First Aid is available at the Guard House or Recreation Office at Lake Expo

Fish Check In - Check your catch here when the boathouse is not open

Security manages both the entrance and exit to the park, as well as regularly patrol the entire resort 24 hrs a day to provide a safe environment for our guests and to protect your interest as owners. We also provide after hours check in service at the entrance.

We want your stay here at LVL to be fun and relaxing, and if we can be of assistance, please let us know. Feel free to stop by our office and get some coffee and say hi...