Being an owner at Lost Valley is full of benefits! Make sure you know what benefits you have so you can make great use of all of them!

Executive owners may have 5 advance reservations.
Wld/Gen/Chr may have 5 advanced reservations one week prior to check in.
Triple Points
Condo Prices
Executive $30/night Guests $40/night
Wld/Gen/Chr $35/night Guests $45/night
Pay for one night and get the 2nd night free!
Double Points
Condo prices
Executive $30/night guest $40/night Wld/Gen/Char $35/night guest $45/night
Condo Prices
Executive $30/night guest $40 Wld/Gen/Chr $35/night guest $45/night
RVs open March 17th
All units pay for one night get the 2nd night free
Double points
Condos $40/night Guest $50 28ft/31ft RVs $20/night Guest $30/night
23ft RVs $10/night Guest $20/night
Villas $50/night Guest $60/night
Pay for one night and get the 2nd night half off. (excludes Easter week (april 14-16))
All levels
Excludes: Women’s Weekend (Nov 11-12) and Thanksgiving Weekend (Nov. 23-26)
5 advance reservations at once (for month of November only)
Condo Prices
Executive $35/night Guest $45/night
Wld/Gen/Chr $40/night Guest $50/night
All levels
Excludes: Christmas/New year’s Week ( Dec 24– Jan 1) During this time all units regular price.
5 advance reservations at once ( for month of December only)
Triple points for any reservation including holidays
Condo Prices
Executive $35/night Guest $45/night
Wld/Gen/Chr $40/night Guest $50/night

Points are issues on a point per dollar spent basis. For example, spend $1 receive 1 point, spend $15 receive 15 points.

One night in villa

3250 points

Night in condo

2500 points

Night in large RV

1500 points

Night in small RV     

1000 points

Night in teepee

7580 points

Night in tent

750 points

Night on platform

500 points

Spot on/off

600/600 points

Set up/tear down fee  

500/500 points


400 points

Pumping of RV

750 points

Miniature golf

50 points


500 points


350 points

Pony rides

100 points

Trail ride

750 points

Paddle boat per 1/2 hour

75 points

Kayaks per 1/2 hour

75 points

Canoe, Jon boat per hour

50 points

“ “ 5 hour until closing

250 points

“ “ Full day - 24 hour

500 points

“ “ Full week - 7 days

2750 points

Jon boat with motor per hour

250 points

“ “ 4 hour until closing

1000 points

“ “ Full day - 24 hours

2000 points

“ “ Full week - 7 days

10000 points

Points cannot be issued for or redeemed for Maintenance fees, RV Storage, Loan Payments, or Winterizations. Points are not issued if you are redeeming points. If you lose your card, you lose your points. Some exclusions apply.

Rent Cost - $40 per month or take advantage of the Early Bird Special. Pay a full year of storage payable in advance with the January quarterly billing & receive one month free. Temporary Storage - if space permits, you may store your RV on a temporary basis at the rate of $2.00 per day. For the Executive owner, one unit will be allowed under free storage entitlement, call for availability.

Birthday Club members receive a birthday card and $5 LVL Bucks to use the month of your birthday!

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On your owner anniversary you will receive 100 points per year that you have been with Lost Valley.

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Join the Saddle Club. You can receive coupons and news of upcoming events by email. You will also receive a Saddle Club Card. Each time you ride, a staff member will note on your card and you can earn special rewards. Stop at stables & sign up soon!!

These additional travel benefits can come in handy for the habitual or even occasional traveler.


Since 1972, Coast to Coast Resorts has been the industry leader in bringing RV enthusiasts access to some of the finest outdoor resorts in the country. In fact, Coast's primary focus is to make it possible for people who purchase at home resorts to maximize their destination and vacation choices. Coast to Coast has created an internationally recognized system of Coast affiliated resorts across North America, enhanced with open-to-the-pubic Coast Good Neighbor Parks, forming a network of beautiful properties where nearly any vacation experience can be found.

(800) 720-7633

Resorts of Distinction’s goal is to provide only top quality resorts…resorts equivalent in caliber to the resort where you purchased your home resort membership. From horseback riding to thousand-acre lakes to snowmobiling; our resorts offer some of the best amenities and activities that you and your family can enjoy! Check out the Directory to view each resort’s description.


Great Escapes offers many exciting benefits with discounts on air, hotel, cruises, themepark tickets and Hotweeks.

Enrollment in Preferred Access gives you a variety of travel options designed to ensure the greatest value for your dollar. Whenever you're ready for a vacation, Preferred Access is the place to start
(800) 456-7774

If you are enrolled in Resort Parks International you will find a range of campsites in many of the resorts, from cozy private tent sites to roomy RV sites. Members are welcome at hundreds of private affiliate outdoor resorts and RV campgrounds with a $10 per night RV site fee. You may stay at any of the affiliated resorts located outside a 125-air mile area from your home.

(800) 281-4977

As an Executive member, membership in Resort Connections allows you to trade in your free week.